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 जॆवविविधता दस्तावेज - तुतारी

People's Biodiversity Register is a tool to revolutionize our understanding  of natural resourses , future planning  and actions. Prof. Madhav Gadgil puts it in his own lucid style in Marathi.

PBR Methodology in English 

Prof Madhav Gadgil and his team at I I Sc Bangalore  developed methodology for prepararing People's Biodiversity Register. The methodology is described in this manual. 

निसर्ग नियोजन-लोक सहभागाने:

The People's Biodiversity Register methodology is described in Marathi

Biological Diversity Rules, 2004.

An Extract of Rules relevant to Biodiversity Management Committee

The Biodiversity Conservation Prioritization Project (BCPP): The project was undertaken by WWF-India in association with NGOs,Government at various levels with the support collaboration of Biodiversity Support Program.These are the reports of some sites which document local level community conservation priorities and strategies to address them. :

Studies which lead to People's  Biodiversity Register methodology

मराठी अक्षरे युनिकोड मधे असून ती नीट दिसत नसल्यास संगणकाच्या सेटींग मधे बदल करावा लागेल. हे करण्यात मदतीसाठी  ईथे  कळ दाबा.
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