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  Committee by MoE for enquiry of FRA implementation

The Ministry of Environment & Forest & the Ministry of Tribal Affairs have set up a joint committee to enquire into the status of implementation of the Forest Rights Act 2006 & to suggest ways in which policies and institutions needed to be changed to enable implementations .

    The twenty member committee submitted its report on 14/12/2010. The details of the committee, its working and  the report may be accessed at  http://fracommittee.icfre.org

वनहक्क कायद्यानुसार सामुहिक वनहक्का संबंधी मार्गदर्शिका :
युनिकोड फ़ाईल 
PDF   फ़ाईल
A detailed manual of procedure for obtaining Community Forest Rights on the basis of  experience in Mendha (Lekha) . This booklet will be very useful for those who are involved in the  process.
Prepared by - Mohan Hirabai Hiralal & Subodh Kulkarni
Vruksha Mitra , Chandrapur / Gadchiroli
                           या संबधी संपर्क
कहाणी यशस्वी वनहक्क दाव्यांची : मेंढा ( लेखा) व मारदा गावांची  -  लता  प्रतिभा मधुकर

A narration of how the two villages - Mendha (Lekha) and Marada of  Maharashtra fought successfully for getting Community Forest Rights  for their villages - by Lata Pratibha Madhukar.     ( Courtesy  NCAS )

रोजगार, चारा, जमीन,पाणी,सरपण,आरोग्य, पऱ्यावरणसंवर्धन आणि सन्मानजनक मानवी जीवनासाठी चळवळ-
   -- भारतीय लोक व पर्यावरण विकास संस्था, औरंगाबाद.

Baharu de Wanari!
 In the wake of recently enacted Forest Rights Act and other Laws  we have a  tremendous opportunity to work with the people and to protect, conserve and rejuvenate our natural resources, while, at the same time creating livelihood opportunities for the forest dwellers.  Following are the illuminating  articles by Prof Madhav Gadgil  on the subject :

बहरू दे वनराई

Let our rightful forest flourish 

PDF version of the above article published by NCAS 

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मराठी अक्षरे युनिकोड मधे असून ती नीट दिसत नसल्यास संगणकाच्या सेटींग मधे बदल करावा लागेल. हे करण्यात मदतीसाठी  ईथे  कळ दाबा.
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