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     Dry Desidious forest of Central India
* Conservation of natural resources is always possible with its sustainable use.

 *There should be equitable sharing of benefits of the natural resources by all the stake-holders who take responsibility of conservation.

 * Time tested people's knowledge of conservation and sustainable use of these resources should be put to use and not to be ignored.     

Recent enactment of certain laws like Forest Rights Act 2006 and Biodiversity Act 2004 has created  immense possibilities of getting the long due forest rights by the tribals and other traditional forest dwellers.
However lack of information, training, literature and awareness are the major hurdles in getting them their rightful personal or community claims.
Even bigger hurdles are the apathy and at times lack of knowledge and information of the implementing agencies.
For the implementation to go in the right direction and with speed some social movement, organization or an individual with a social commitment will have to play an important role.
Information exchange, sharing of experiences by the activists and dissemination of relevant literature and facts is equally essential to keep the process in right direction and with speed.
With this in view,  through this site we are trying to bridge an information and communication gap by providing a platform for sharing experiences by all the concerned people and disseminating facts and figures

नवीन व महत्वाचे 
वनहक्क प्राप्त गावांबाबत लेख  या संकेतस्थळावर आपण सर्वांच्या सहकार्याने देणार  आहोत. तुर्तास प्रयोग म्हणून सेंसस २०११ च्या आधारवर  खालील गावांसाढी लेख दिलेले आहेत. त्यात आपण सुधारणा, भर, त्रुटींच्या दुरुस्त्या ई. करण्यासाठी लिहावे अशी आपणास विनंती आहे. आपल्या सुचनांनुसार ईतर गावांसाठी हे करता येईल. आपल्या सुचना / भर/ दुरुस्त्या vijay.janavigyan@gmail.com वर पाठवाव्यात.
 (१)  मेंढा (लेखा) जि.गडचिरोली
  (२) पाचगाव जि.चंद्रपूर

 Forest Rights News
Read how Government  is subverting  Forest Rights Act ?
193  Villages/ Gramsabhas in Gadchiroli of Maharashtra granted RoR (Community Forest Rights) Barring two, all other  RoRs are conditional!   
वनहक्क कायद्यानुसार मेंढा    (लेखा)  गावाला देशात सर्व प्रथम सामुहिक वनहक्क प्राप्त झाला. त्या अनुभवावर आधारित सामुहिक वनहक्का संबंधी: मार्गदर्शिका
मराठी अक्षरे युनिकोड मधे असून ती नीट दिसत नसल्यास संगणकाच्या सेटींग मधे बदल करावा लागेल. हे करण्यात मदतीसाठी  ईथे  कळ दाबा.
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